Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hopes is lost .....
And thats the end of story?


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Someone birthday is nearing, just 5 more days. I had already prepared a present for her. Hope she will like the solved rose 3d puzzle. Decided to give this to her on saturday. As it is the only day that i can meet up with her. I haven't wrap up the present yet, deciding whether to give to her like this... Or wrap it in the box...
 Though, what i initially planned was, after giving her this present. I will propose for her love. But i find it too ... fast, and random. Think it isn't suitable to do it this way. I decided to drop this idea i guess? unless i came across a situation suitable for proposal... Also so far i am unsure about whether will she return the love to me. Just afraid things doesn't go well.. hmm...
5 more days, its the 1st month we know each other as friends. Hope i will be able to be more than just a friend to her. I want to make this happen...
i wish.

Friday, May 28, 2010

love @ first sight?

Probably i believe love at first sight and fate. Maybe its fated to know you. No matter what, i will try to be with you [: I wouldn't want another broken r/s. So i am patiently waiting... and waiting for a day where we would be together someday.
Its true that real love is difficult to archive. Must earn it slowly and with hard work, patience. Well... If you read this someday, i believe you already know ily [:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


o8o51o, is the day we bump into each other by accident in pop. Recalling back to the incident, it happened right behind the cashier counter away from the main entrance, yet in between the two cashier counter. She squeaked as i almost bump right into her at that junction, lucky did not xD When i am rushing to get something from the store at the gift section. Somehow we caught each other attention. As i continued my work. Till my college at cashier counter 1 (near to the entrance) called me as someone need to get the printer cartridge, as i approach the customer i realized it was the person that i bump into. Yes, she need to buy the canon cartridge inside the display cabinet. So i get the keys from the drawer right behind me, and open it up for her to get the canon cartridge to the cashier counter. After this, she left. Probably she headed home, as i have to work for the day.
At night, the usual time that i am using the computer. I go to facebook to check out my profile and everything. Saw that there's a new notification showing 1 new friend request. As look through the person profile and photos that requesting to be friend, noticed it was her, the girl that i bumped into that day. In my head, i am thinking... Is this for real? She found me on facebook, so smart of her xD Wondered if she interested in me though, and probably we are fated to know each other? I accepted the friend request. Saw her email at her profile, added it to my msn and continued doing the stuffs that i do with my computer daily.
The first time i ever chatted with her on msn was at o9o51o, 12:04:29 AM.

To be continued...